For Patient Empowerment

For Patient Empowerment

Invitation to Impact Investment meeting 24th of April

Welcome to a full day of impact investment cases and discussions hosted by Oxford University together with RISE and West Midlands Academic Health Science Network.

Agenda 24th of April

9:00     Register
9:30     Welcome and intro
10:00   Health Impact Bond and Outcomes Contracts, Sweden (RISE)
RISE will discuss setting up a diabetes prevention impact bond and the vision of establishing an impact investment market in Sweden
11:00   Making the business case using health data (Anant Jani, Oxford University)
Leveraging data about the outcomes that can help us build sustainable and resilient health. Defining and measuring risk and value is the heart of this presentation.
12:00   Loneliness Impact Bond (Rosie Winyard and Richard Keble, Worcestershire County Council)
Being lonely can be as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. Worcester County aims to fix this with an impact bond. More info:
13:00   Lunch
14:00   Impact Investment Challenges (Jane Newman, Social Finance UK)
Social Finance has been the catalyst for numerous social investments in UK and a pioneer globally for impact investing. Jane will give a rare glimpse of Social Finance lessons learned.
15:00   Outcomes contracting (Mara Airoldi, Oxford University)
Oxford University is studying the effects and efficacy of impact investments. Mara is heading this work and will take a critical look on the subject.
16:00   Effectiveness of Impact Bonds (Clare Fitzgerald, Government Outcomes Lab)
17:00   Discussion
17.30   End

The venue is going to be in Classroom 1, Said Business School, Oxford just opposite the train station (  and will be an all-day event for delegates from across Europe.

The participation is free of charge but travel and lodging are paid by the participant.

Many thanks and we look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in person.

Please send your registration to Frida Falkvall by 18th of April (limited space).

Chronic Diseases and Prevention

Europe is facing an increasing challenge with age-dependent lifestyle related chronic diseases, also known as noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). The purpose of the Health Movement is to prevent NCDs from emerging, and increase quality of life for individuals that are already sick. NCDs are not passed from person to person and they are of long duration and generally slow progression. By promoting a healthy living, many of these diseases can be prevented, but there is a need of supportive Environments and access to…

Health Impact Bonds

A Health Impact Bond (HIB) is one type of a Social Impact Bond, which is a pay for success contract between the government and Investors to provide improved social or economic outcomes. Investment is raised to pay for a range of interventions provided by public sector services that will improve these outcomes. If the outcomes improve, investors receive their initial investment plus a financial return. The financial return is a fraction of the savings made by the public sector in contracting the service provider.

Health Index

The Health Index will provide possibilities for population health analytics and more importantly govern the financing of preventive interventions. The aim of the index is to demonstrate how health varies over time for the population and will be the baseline for the financials. It is the base for the reimbursement system (Health Impact Bond) as a defined Health index for a population can be procured with a current value and a value of reaching the target.


The goal of the Health Movement is to develop a dynamic ecosystem of community actors and service providers to prevent chronic diseases by aiding individuals to a healthy life style. The impact is lowering the risk of developing lifestyle related chronic diseases and decreasing health care costs with preventive interventions.

The Health Movement has received funding from EIT Health to carry out a Project, lead by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, running for two years with start in January 2017. The first application area and focus of the project is to prevent diabetes type 2. The project will use the financial model social impact bond to attract social investors into the health system, with goal of setting up a social impact bond to prevent diabetes type 2 in Stockholm, Sweden. Other participating countries are Spain, UK, Netherlands and Hungary. Investigation and preparation for a social impact bond will be prepared in these countries. Essential in the impact bond structure is the measurability of outcomes which will be explored in the development of a health index that will measure population health over time. During 2018, the system will be trialed in a study in Stockholm. Read more about the Project >>


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