Visit from Rotterdam team to Stockholm, 19-20 of February 2018

Monday the 19th and Tuesday the 20th of February, City of Rotterdam visited Stockholm as a kick-off to start their work with developing a Business Case as a base for a potential Health Impact Bond against diabetes type 2 in Rotterdam. Participants from Rotterdam were experts within 1) SIB, 2) policy public health and diabetes, 3) EU projects, and 4) the new project leader for Rotterdams part in the Health Movement project. The project are very glad to have Rotterdam as a project partner, specially when working with Business Models and Commercial Development.

 Agenda Monday 19th

  • The Swedish health care system and payment model and development of SIB in Sweden
  • Health integrator system overview.
    • Service design
    • GUI design
    • Connected services up til now
  • Background and overview health movement 2017-2018
  • Start discussion about Rotterdam involvement in Health Movement
  • City of Rotterdam present their SIB work

 Agenda Tuesday 20th

  • Meeting with Stockholm County Council
    • Goal and plans for SLL within the project for 2018
    • Plan for future cooperation between Stockholm and Rotterdam
  • Plan for City of Rotterdam in Health movement 2018. Goals, milestones etc.