Health Index

Health Index – A way to measure Changes in Health

Previous field studies and research by parts of the project team have shown a defined health index  is needed to measure changes in health. The index will provide possibilities for population health analytics and more importantly govern the financing of preventive interventions.

The health index will be defined by identifying measurable parameters that defines health (clinical outcomes/ clinical data, PREM – patient reported experience measures, and PROMs – patient reported outcome measures), sensor data (wearables) and their interrelationships. The aim of the health index is to demonstrate how health varies over time for the population and will be the baseline for the financials. This means that it is possible to compare health metrics between different populations (e.g. geographic areas or cohorts) and see how it varies over time and the effect of intervention. This is the base for the reimbursement system (Health Impact Bond) as a defined Health index for a population can be procured with a current value and a value of reaching the target.